About Me

WfFHlimK_400x400I am a Molecular Ecologist, first generation American, and United States military veteran currently working at Princeton University as a Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow. I received my PhD from Rutgers University in the Ecology and Evolution graduate program under the advisement of both Dr. Julie Lockwood and Dr. Dina Fonseca. I now work at Princeton with with Dr. Robert Pringle in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department.

My research interests focus on the development and use of molecular techniques – namely environmental DNA (eDNA) techniques – to address questions within both invasion and community ecology. Whether it is assembling invasion pathways, detecting rare or cryptic species, or understanding the affects of species introductions on community structure and food networks, molecular methods allow us to gain detailed ecological insights that would otherwise be impractical to acquire. Biological invasions in particular provide us with unique opportunities to ask ecological and evolutionary questions and that would otherwise be impossible to determine or unethical to execute.

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